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Rod Stiffington | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Alas, a site dedicated to the burg. Fond memories are had!!! I get up there sometimes to see my grand-daughters Madison, Brit'ney and Stacia. I miss Phil's Diner and the friendliness of the area.
10 January 2008 - Dorchester, MA

A 1968 OFA/SMA reunion committe has met. If you wish to be notified of the details, please forward your name and updated contact info ie. email, address and telephone number where you can be reached.
26 September 2007 - Morristown, NY

Anyone interested in a 40th OFA High School reunion in 08' ? (WOW) What happened to all the 2006 messages?
2 September 2007 - Morristown, NY

Bill Daugherty
25 August 2007

Janice Graveline Silver | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Found an old photo taken by F. H. Lesperance Photo, any one ever heard of them? or the time frame they were in the 'burg? Would like to trace who the couple are in the picture. Thanks
25 January 2006 - Dover Plains NY

Kathy Kelly Steele | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Great website, thanks for the memories!Just moved back up here this month and am so happy to be back by the St Lawrence.
9 January 2006 - Morristown, NY (formerly Syracuse)

Craven Moorehead | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
I am trying to collect OFA yearbooks from the 60's. My grandfather used to teach there and I am trying to pursue a collection to present to him on his 85th birthday. If anyone has a 66' or 69' kicking around let me know!!!!
16 December 2005 - Malden, MA

elle quinlan | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
daughter of allen quinlan-grandaughter of allen h and eleanore falardeau quinlan, my father who was born in 1929 misses his home very much,many memories,,,,my grandfather was council man-allen h quinlan,,,and in the quinlan home till she passed was victoria quinlan who was a orginist,,,,any thing on history of bertha allen quinlan fredric quinlan who was superintend of schools,,,etc old pics of 1880-1955 or so much appreciated,,,,,,,
15 December 2005 - buffalo ny

Randi Jo Bouchard | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
I get all choked up this time of year. I miss Xmas in the Burg. City Hall all decked out, pluggin cars, getting plugged, Blue Devil Hockey, and can't forget them snow days!!!! Ahh, wish I could get up their and see some SNOW. It's hard to get snow down here, and when we do, it's gone (especially before the kids can see it). Great site to reminiss
12 December 2005 - Outside Tampa, FL

Heywood Jeblomea | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
G grandparents used to act in plays at the old theatre that burned down. I live in Gouverneur now and I wish I could get the doe to move to O'burg. Nuthin beats fishing on the docks.
6 December 2005 - Gouverneur

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