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I wish Ogdensburg was still the same.its like completely dead now and nothing to do.back then it was a lot bigger and more to see.
30 September 2009 - Ogdensburg, NY

Gordon Trumble, Jr. | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Have not been back since my dad passed away. Looking forward to just driving/walking around in Sept.
Oh yes, need a "Texas Hot" too.
18 August 2009 - Roanoke, Va.

joel norman | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
were can I get in depth data on the railroad operations(rail ferry)between Ogdensburg NY and prescott Ont??
12 August 2009 - harvester missouri

I was wondering if anybody had some old photos of what Hackett's Hardware used to look like. After reading all the stories, it doesn't sound like Hackett's is anything like it was a long time ago.
21 July 2009 - Western New York

if anyone's on facebook, go to the group i grew up in ogdensburg ny and post photo and comments
20 July 2009

Khaytlyn Denault | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
My 18th Seaway should be the best one yet!! Can ya wait? I can't. I gone to the sand bar last year and doin it again! I hope to see Angel and Buck (Ramie) there. If ya no who them are, tell 'em to come to Seaway. They aint been here in years.
I wish more photos of the burg in the 80s/90's were on so people in other areas can see the defference time makes. Luv to all 13669'ers
7 July 2009 - Linden St

Maggie Mae
Looking for information on the family of William G. Mercer born May 1863. His parents died when he was a baby and they are buried in th Ogdensburg area. Names unknown
30 April 2009

Looking for any information on St. Lawrence Boat Works. Years of operation, canoe manufacturing for Abercrombie and Fitch, etc..
29 April 2009 - Atlanta, Georgia

craig alan hough | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
my dad had a cousin that lived in odgensburg ny and lived to be over 100 yrs old i beleive it was
22 March 2009

Linda A. Casserly | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
David Martin did a fantastic Job!
18 March 2009 - Canton, NY

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