This page contrasts historical photos of Ogdensburg with what the same area looks like today. We are indebted to David Martin of Ogdensburg who has done most of the work preparing them. "Now" photos not otherwise identified were taken by Ted Como

Then & Now


Main Street Area

This structure has seen more than 150 years of Ogdensburg history and is located at the northwest corner State and Ford Streets.

This comparison shows the City Hall block of Ford Street from the former Ogdensburg Trust Co. as seen in the 1950s image at left.

City's riverfront pre-1900 with lines showing locations of structures then, and now.

Looking East along the 200 block of Ford St.

New York State Armory on upper Ford Street.

City Fire House located on Patteson St.

1860s image of Ford Street contrasts with modern view.

Crowds jam the New York Central Station on Aug. 18, 1917, as Co. D. leaves for WWI. Lower image by Ted Como in the 1970s before station burned.

Downtown section as seen from the air.

Post office as seen from St. John's Church steeple.

Looking south at corner of Caroline & Knox Sts.

Sweep of the Crescent looking to downtown area.

Crescent view from opposite direction.

Corner of State & Washington Streets.

Oswegatchie dam as seen from Crescent hill.

Closeup view of Oswegatchie dam.

St. John's Episcopal Church.

Oswegatchie bank from Ford Street Bridge.

Remington Art Museum.

Old Armory at Layafette & Mechanic Streets.

200 block of Ford Street.

Washington & State Sts. looking east.

The John Howard home on Caroline Street.

The Malby residence on Washington Street.

Rear of Post Office building on State Street.