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Menu Cover For Ace & Ann's, Later The Lakeside

The Crescent Diner Menu

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The Crescent Diner was a popular 24-hour eatery during the 1960s, and featured hamburgers for 35 cents, and the businessman's lunch of soup, a meat course, salad, bread, coffee and desert for 85 cents. It was located at 337 Crescent St. in an old dining car. Here are three different menus for the restaurant, which changed hands several times.

First Menu at right.

Second Menu

 (courtesy David Martin)

Third Menu

Abbe On The Mall

The Abbe On The Mall restaurant opened in the 1970s in the "new" Ogdensburg Mall created by the destruction of the 19th century buildings on the south side of the 100-200 blocks of Ford Street. Its menu duplicated a program from the Ogdensburg Opera House. (Images courtesy David Martin)

Ace & Ann's Menu

Ace & Ann's, later The Lakeside, was located on the Black Lake Road outside Ogdensburg. (Images courtesy David Martin)

Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel (menu at left) was located at the corner of Crescent & Greene Streets. Hector’s Restaurant (menu at right), was located at 307 Crescent Street. (courtesy David Martin)

Hector’s Restaurant

Shanghai Restaurant

The Shanghai American and Chinese Restaurant was located at 317 Isabella St. and was open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight. No doubt, the Chinese fare was unique for the North Country. (courtesy David Martin)