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A popular feature of the The Advance News of Ogdensburg is its Glance At The Past feature edited by Charles W. Kelly.These images are recent Glance At The Past photos & stories compiled by David Martin of Ogdensburg. Click on the Index of Images text at left to see a listing of names of individuals and businesses mentioned in any of these images (also compiled by David Martin) to find the image number.

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Babcock Pump Co.

Image #0001

Kiwanis Baseball Team

Image #0002

1903 OFA Football Team

Image #0003

1933 Teacher Training Class

Image #0004

1946 Newspaper Banquet

Image #0005

1960 Bridge Opening

Image #0006

1948 Bicentennial

Image #0007

Early view of Ford Street

Image #0008

1969 St. Mary's Hoopsters

Image #0009

1942 State Hospital Grads

Image #0010

1895 Last Trolley Run

Image #0011

Doomed Edmund Fitzgerald

Image #0012

1949 Morristown Parade

Image #0013

1921 St. Peter's School

Image #0014

1909 Seymour House

Image #15

Early 1900s Seymour House

Image #16

1960s SMA Band

Image #0017

1909 Fell Machine Shop

Image #0018

1909 Ogdensburg Board of Trade

Image #0019

George Hall Coal Line

Image #0020

Nathan Ford Mansion

Image #0021

1970 Journal Expansion

Image #0022

1947 SMA BBall Team

Image #0023

1939 Grammar School Team

Image #0024

Ogdensburg Silk Mills

Image #0025

1941 Nurses Banquet

Image #0026

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