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The Ogdensburg Maternity Home for women of unfortunate circumstances was opened in 1923 in the former Fell residence on New York Ave. The Ogdensburg Public Library on Washington Street, across from the Remington Art Memorial, was formerly the Joseph Rosseel home. Rosseel was land agent for George Parish. The Knights of Pythias were organized in 1900 and built the Pythian Home on Riverside Drive in the 1920s.

Carters - 1884 (double team)

Gideon Adams

Jerry Blair

Duff Cardinal

Felix Dailey

I.P. Deno

Frank Ferguson

Thomas Ferguson

Edward Garrity

Highland Guinn

Charles Haley

James Hallohan

James Hobkirk

Patrick Kinney

Andrew LaFlare

Charles Lavanture

Benjamin Lavarnway

Stephen Mavile

James McCarrier

Joseph McConville

Mitchel McRoberts

Patrick Murnan

Lawrence O'Hagan

Francis Pardee

William Perkins Jr.

George Plumsteel

Louis Premo

Aerial Photos

Main Street Area

Huge city aerial photo taken in the 1960s. (Note: some of these images will require longer download times).

West bank of Oswegatchie, left, showing area occupied by power canal; and shot from opposite direction at right, showing dam.

An outstanding aerial photo of the Main Street area in that it shows the power canal and mill pond shortly before it was filled in - large format download. (courtesy Tim Como)

Layafette Bridge area, left, and Ford St. Bridge area right, with Notre Dame steeple visible at lower right. (courtesy David Martin)

Chimney Point area, left; and downtown section, right.

Main Street area, left, showing old houses long since demolished; and State St. looking north, right.

Downtown Ogdensburg as it was before Urban Renewal. (courtesy Ogd. Public Library)

Layafette Street Bridge area at left; and early aerial of city dam area, right. (courtesy Ogd. Public Library)

Diamond National Plant, right, and area just to left of the plant at left. (courtesy Ogd. Public Library)

Dwight Church aerial left (courtesy David Martin) and same image right (courtesy Chris Como)

Two more Church aerials (courtesy Chris Como)

Aerial showing area from St. Mary's Academy to Rutland Railroad yards and many structures in the yards long since removed. (courtesy Tim Como)

Another Dwight Church aerial showing First Ward area. (courtesy David Martin)

Satellite image.