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Republican Journal Anniversary Edition

The Republican Journal, forerunner to The Ogdensburg Journal and now, The Journal, celebrated its centennial in 1930 by publishing an edition previewing the city's history to that date. Three historical sections, each of 12 pages, were scanned by David Martin of Ogdensburg, and presented below. Click on any image to view the full page. These are larger format files most at 1 megabyte and will require extended download times..

1st Section

History of city officials; Gray Nuns started orphnage; British troops began Masonic Lodge.

History of city government continued; history of insurance.

History of city government continued; cathedral started in 1898.

History of library; city parts company with Town of Oswegatchie.

A. Barton Hepburn aided entire county.

Full page Sunoco advertisement.

History of the Village of Heuvelton.

Father Picquet started city in 1749.

Full page Ramsdell-Ewart Funeral Home ad.

Soldier's monument; hero of Ft. Fisher makes city his home.

Full page Whalen & Morley ad.

Full page Niagara Hudson ad.

2nd Section

First newspaper printed in city in 1810.

Bishop spent years working with Indians in Minnessota.

Full page Walter Allen Bell ad.

Mansion scene of many cotilions of yesteryear.

Preston King first editor of Republican Journal.

Prostestant churches played big part in city's development.

Full page St. Lawrence County Savings Bank ad.

George Hall actively involved in city.

Full page Ogdensburg Ferry Service ad.

Hasbrouck named first county clerk.

City's most spectacular fire destroyed Opera House.

Lumber once big industry in Ogdensburg.

3rd Section

St. Lawrence River inseperably linked with city's history.

Aviation surpasses novelty stage.

Full page Ogdensburg Trust Company ad.

History of the city's educational institutions.

Full page Texaco ad.

Full page Pan-Am Oil Company ad.

History of St. Lawrence University.

History of the Village of Canton.

Knights of Columbus in city 33 years.

Ogdensburg Bank first chartered in county.

Water power vital topic of the hour.

History of the Village of Waddington.