Reminiscences of Ogdensburg

In 1907 the Swe-Kat-Si Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution published this book of nearly 200 pages dedicated “to all those who love this old town in the North Country,” with these sections: First Settlement by Nellie Merriam; Pioneer Families by Laura M. Hasbrouck; War of 1812 by Mary Chapin Brown; Patriot War of 1837 by Lucia James Madill; Schools & Fire Companies by Charlotte L. Shepard; Civil War by Annie E. Daniels, and the City’s Growth by Emily J. Spratt. We have divided the book into 27 chapters, as follows...

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Chapter 1: Establishment of Fort La Presentation in 1749

Chapter 2: From Jacques Cartier to the Beginnings of La Presentation

Chapter 3: Samuel Ogden and Nathan Ford

Chapter 4: Pioneer Families and early Social Customs

Chapter 5: War Comes to Ogdensburg

Chapter 6: Preparing for Attack

Chapter 7: Fear of Indian Attacks

Chapter 8: Formation of Volunteers

Chapter 9: Ogdensburg suffers

Chapter 10: Patriot War of 1837

Chapter 11: Battle in the St. Lawrence

Chapter 12: Battle of Windmill Point

Chapter 13: A Losing Proposition

Chapter 14: History of the Schools

Chapter 15: More Schools are Established

Chapter 16: History of the Fire Department

Chapter 17: “Ogdensburg, I Love Thee”

Chapter 18: Ogdensburg During the Civil War

Chapter 18B: Ogdensburg Prepares for War

Chapter 19: Local Companies Off To War

Chapter 20: Supporting the War Effort

Chapter 21: The 60th Returns Home

Chapter 22: War Threats Along the Border

Chapter 23: The Fall of Fort Fisher

Chapter 24: City Mourns a Fallen President

Chapter 25: Incorporation of the City

Chapter 26: Growth of City Industries

Chapter 27: The City of Today (1907)