Star/ Cranberry Lake, Wanakena


The Star Lake, Cranberry Lake, Wanakena area is located in the southwest reaches of St. Lawrence County, southeast of Ogdensburg and east of Gouverneur.


Road to Star Lake

Old cars as one approaches Star Lake.

Oswegatchie Bridge

Oswegatchie River bridge at Cranberry Lake.

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Newton Falls Hotel

The grand hotel at Newton Falls.

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Hotel Wanakena

The Hotel Wanakena speaks to the glory days when this region was a tourist destination.

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Cranberry Dock

Boat dock at Cranberry Lake.

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Railroad Bridge

Railroad bridge over Oswegatchie at Wanakena.

First Presbyterian

The First Presbyterian Church at Cranberry Lake.

Wanakena Fishing

In years past, the Oswegatchie was a fishing haven.

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Star Lake Boathouse

Boathouse on the beach at Star Lake.

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Star Lake Inn

The Inn at Star Lake in New York's Adirondacks.

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Oswegatchie View

A turn-of-the-century view of the Oswegatchie River near Wanakena.

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Wanakena Camp

Typical of log camps in the Wanakena area.

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Star Lake

Star Lake, and the village of Star Lake from hilltop.

Bear Mountain Camp

Bear Mountain Camp near Cranberry Lake.

Lakeside Cottages

Cottages along the shore at Star Lake.

Cottage Hotel

The grove at the Cottage Hotel at Star Lake.

Star Lake Church

Unidentified church in Star Lake.

Star Lake Inn

Star Lake Inn from driveway.

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Mountain View

Star Lake as seen from "Baldie."

The "Stone Cat"

Boats near landmark called the "Stone Cat."

Wanakena Street

Wooden sidewalks along this Wanakena Street.

Star Lake

The Sand Beach at Star Lake.

Lake Craft

Identified as the Oklawaha of Wanakena.

Lake Cottages

Cottages along the shore at Star Lake.

Mess Hall

At the state College of Forestry, Cranberry Lake.

Dining Hall

Dinner awaits at this Wanakena dining hall.

Railroad Bridge

Tracks at Wanakena.

Wanakena Station

Railroad station at Wanakena.

Saw Mill

Unidentified saw mill at Cranberry Lake.

Forest Cottages

Cottages along road in Wanakena.

Boat House

Boat House beside tracks at Cranberry.

New Columbia

The New Columbia Hotel at Star Lake.

Star Lake Hotel

View of the Star Lake Hotel.

Town Photo

Photo of the Town of Star Lake.

Lake Cottages

On the shores of Star Lake.

Wanakena Street

Street scene in Wanakena.

Star Lake Inn

Office at the Star Lake Inn.

Long Lake Camp

The Scott Camp at Long Lake


Vessel identified as the Wanakena.

Star Lake Camp

The Lonesome Pine Camp at Star Lake.

Wanakena Island

Wanakena Island view.

Steam Shovel

Operating at Benson Mines.

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