Massena is located Northeast of Ogdensburg. Old photos are welcome and will be credited. Please follow instructions on home page.

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Our thanks to Bob White who provided all images on this page from his private collection. Click HERE to learn about Bob White's history.

1923 MHS football team

The Massena High School 1923 championship football team in front of the "new" high school. Bob White's father was in the first graduating class (1924) to spend 4 years in the school and Bob was in the last graduating class (1966) in this building. The building was razed in the 1990s and the area is now a park.

Left, two individual photos are of Carl W. Richards (1867-1942), great-grandfather of Bob White, who worked as a butter and cheese maker at J.L. Hyde Creamery Co. in the 1890s and 1900s; in 1910 at the Ball Coal Co.; in 1915 for Pine Grove Realty; from 1917 to 1935 at Alcoa; and at the Armory from 1917 to 1919 and after 1919 as a guard at Alcoa (as in 2nd image from left.) In photo at right are, from left, Norman Ray, C.W. Richards, unknown, unknown and Jim Hickling.


Wee Wash It Launderette at Woodlawn & Spruce Sts., owned and operated by Donald Ames.

Main Street

Main Street showing, from right to left, Hodges, Clark Hardware, Gisers Bakery, Patterson Grocery, and Westcott's with Runions Photograph Studio upstairs and St. Lawrence Inn facing.

First National

First National Bank image mailed 1915 but showing unpaved streets.


Post card flood scene mailed after 1920.

Racket River School class in 1898

Mary Richards (born 1888), next to last in row 2, was Bob White's grandmother. Her younger sister Samantha (born 1892) is shielding her eyes in the front row. Her older brother, Fred (born 1887) is in row 2. Front row, from left, Francis Fregoe, Hattie Hamilton (Mrs. Baker), Unk., Willis Hamiltoy, Samantha Richards (Morrell), Carrie Vice, Dan Hall, Edith Smith (Carr), Bernice Gardner and Leon Farkeo; second row, from left, Mary MacDonald (Hurteau), Bert Haverstock, Franklin Larue, Fred Richards, Bert Delosh, Vina Bagley, Wilbur Hitchcock, Mary Richards (White) and Bert Hall. Back row, from left, John McDonald, Maude McGec, Mamie Crowley (teacher), John Vice and DeWite Forbes.

Massena second grade, 1914

Second grade in Sept., 1914 (Bob White's father is standing at extreme left; teacher is Miss Anna V. Clarkin.) Back row, from left, William F. White (MHS, class of '24); Leon Carbino; Unk., Blanche Somers, Ethel LaBrake, and Unk. Middle row, from left, Willis Russell, Clifford Sharlow, Unk., Gordon Billings, Theodore Hall, Harold Bayley (MHS class of '24); Clyde Reid; Ernest Fetterly (MHS, Class of '24); Stanley Locey, James Cannon, Lynn Delaware and Clarence Fregoe. Front row; from left, Irene Ashley, Dorothy Holliday, Annette Chase (MHS class of '24); Florence Nightengale, Myrtle Fobare, Olive Chase, Hester Burnham (MHS, class of '24); Laura Chittenden, Rita Cozenza, Alice Clukey, Josephine Agresta, Grace Paige, Beatrice Locke, Pearl Crouch and Geneva Crouch.

Panoramic view of downtown Massena

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A 300-degree sweep of downtown Massena compiled by Bob White. In attempting to date the image, Bob notes that the "Smith Block" was built in 1898, and the McNulty grocery started there in 1901. The IOOF (sign on Main St. at the 2nd floor level) was organized in 1904. Main St. was paved in 1914. The photo was taken sometime between 1904 and 1914. The left side of the photo is Main Street looking North, then Phillips St., then Main St. looking south (with White's Hotel on the right corner), then Andrews St. going off to the right. Other buildings, the utility poles, or that wonderful light hanging over Main St. may provide clues to better date the picture.

Whites Hotel - 1875

Over 125 years old, image shows Whites Hotel at the corner of Main and Andrews. You can see people in some of the windows, and women out on the porch roof.

Smith Block  - 1897

Photo taken in 1897 by W.A. Morehouse's Photographic Studio, shows the groundbreaking for the Smith Block at the corner of Main and Phillips. Signs include Meat Market, A.J. Nelson Jeweler & Optician, Bridges, and the Masonic Hall.

NY Central station at Massena Springs.

Main Street Bridge.

Looking north from Main St. Bridge, circa 1912.

Power house in 1918.

Elm Circle Park

Hatfield House at Massena Springs.

G. W. Ball residence

Roosevelt International Bridge.

Grass River Bridge.

St. Lawrence bridge.

Roosevelt Bridge.

Bridge over Grasse River.

Bridge over Raquette River.

Post cards mentioning Massena.

Mini Post Cards about 1915.

Long Sault rapids, top, and Grasse River.

Library and town hall.

International Park.

Main Street.

St. Lawrence.

Main Street.

West Orvis St.

White's Hotel.

St. Lawrence Club.

Power House.

Aerial view of Alcoa.

Main Street looking East.

Main Street looking West.

Main St. West.

Main St.

Diamond Creamery.

Cornwall Bridge Disaster.

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Hatfield house taken from the south side of the Racket River, built in 1872 on the site of the United States Hotel (built 1848 & burned 1871). It could accommodate 250 guests and was destroyed by fire in 1932. Bridges were built at the Springs in 1829 (first bridge), 1863 (iron bridge), and 1877 (another iron bridge).

Massena High

Baptist Church & Parsonage

Episcopal Church & Rectory

Harrowgate Grade School

Pine Grove School

1933 NRA Parade

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